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Meet our community

Promise to metans

Our Promise to Metans

When you join the Meta Learning Ecosystem, you as a Metan are taking an important step towards your own creative freedom and self-discovery. We honor the courage it takes to step outside of the conventional system, and promise to fulfill the following:

We will ensure you are the driving force in your own learning, 365 days a year.

We will focus on your holistic development by incorporating daily mindful, physical, and purposeful practices.

We will challenge you to create solution-focused local and global projects and develop skills and expertise in a wide range of content areas.

Your Commitment to Meta

Cultivate Community

Protect our Planet

Seek Knowledge & Growth

Engage Positively with the World

Be Adaptive

Current Meta Society

Meta Learning Global NETWORK







Join our 21st Century Learning Ecosystem

Are you a multinational corporation or international organization looking to make more of a difference in the education of children around the world?


 Are you a local company or organization interested in working with motivated and inspired young learners?

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Our Learners

What the future holds...

Meet Our Team

Nicholas J. Martino
Meta Learning CEO 

Educator. Innovator. Changemaker.

Global thought leader in education, and recognized innovator in the field, Nick believes in creating communities of learning that aim to develop conscious leaders ready to shape the 21st century. His work ranges from elementary schools in France to universities in Ecuador where he leads dynamic teams in designing future focused educational solutions.

  • Nicholas Martino Linkedin
Maria Valle Carreras
Meta Learning COO 

Experienced World Traveler. Food activist. Rock climber. Lifelong-learner.

On a mission to challenge current educational systems, designing thriving and innovative learning communities (from kindergarten to university). Dynamic educator and community organizer, who blends place-based learning with innovative social impact programming. Passionate about making this world a better place, committed to spreading more sustainable ways of living.

  • Maria Valle Carreras Linkedin
Meta Learning Coach & CV BUILDER
Guillermo Machado Hernandez
Curriculum Designer 

Educator. Researcher. Delivering social emocional curriculum paths.

Guillermo’s academic background is in physics (MA, University of Oxford) and education (MA, University of Nottingham). While working as a high school classroom teacher for 10 years, he became progressively drawn to the creative and inter-disciplinary work involved in curricular design. At Think Global School, he enjoyed the privileges of working with Nick, traveling the world while teaching earnest and talented students while helping develop a unique, place-based project-based learning program (PB PBL). 

  • Guillermo Machado Linkedin
Jorge Velasco
Meta Learning CFO 

Experienced Educator. Specialized in Tourism.



CEO, Entrepreneur & Professor in Tourism: e- business track record,

e-commerce, distribution, revenue management and business development.

  • Jorge Velasco Linkedin

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Looking to make an impact at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship?

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