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Meta Learning is our premier program that challenges learners through a one-of-a-kind journey that includes personalized mentorship, local and global projects, and real-world immersion experiences.

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The Meta Methodology

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Our Meta Academic Calendar

Our blended learning methodology includes


​Day School Year 

Access to learning & mentorship.

Sign-up at any time to start your Meta Learning Journey!

6 months        Local Impact Projects

6 months       Global Immersions

Global Experiences for 2022-2023

Travel global
Travel experiences at Meta Learning


September 2022

Meta Learning experiences


November 2022

Meta Learning Travel experiences


February 2023

Meta Learning travels


April 2023

Meta Learning Travel Experiences


June 2023

Make an impact and
become a 

Are you a parent tired of the outdated education system and looking for a more personalized and future-focused approach to education?

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