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The world is changing rapidly. 

A fresh paradigm of education is long overdue. A paradigm that puts the learner at the center and prioritizes student well-being, future readiness, and community at its core.

Each Meta Club member will develop their own interests, abilities, and community through our digital curriculum. 

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The Meta Club program is a 40 week digital program that uses our methodology to help teachers and learners around the world work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and student social-emotional learning. These universally relevant content and skills frameworks ensure that Meta Club learners everywhere are personally developing and understanding the world around them.


a homeschool parent looking for cutting edge learning and development?

Be part of MetaClub now!

We are rooted in connection.

MetaClub members gain access to the MetaSociety, receive a monthly email newsletter, and attend both virtual and live annual events.

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